Call Routing

Directs incoming calls for the extension

  • To access call routing goto Accounts > click the edit pencil icon on the right of the extension
  • Click CALL ROUTING on the top right

Call Forward and Do No Disturb

This will allow phones to sync CFWD and DND over SIP.

A few things need to be configured to enable this feature and restart freeswitch:

Uncomment this line in lua.conf.xml.

<hook event="PHONE_FEATURE_SUBSCRIBE" subclass="" script="app.lua feature_event"/>

Add to Default Settings:

Category = Device
Subcategory = feature_sync
Type = Boolean
Value = true

Enable Feature Sync on the Device

  • Yealink
    • Web Interface -> Features -> General Information -> Feature Key Synchronization set to Enabled
    • Config Files -> features.feature_key_sync.enable
    • Might be addition settings needed for the latest firmware. I tested with 81.0.110
  • Polycom
    • reg.{$row.line_number}”1”
    • reg.{$row.line_number}.serverFeatureControl.dnd=”1”
  • Cisco SPA