Conference Center

Conference Centers are a group of conference rooms. They can be organized by cost center, geographically, or other criteria.

  • To Acess Conference Center goto Apps > Conference Center
  • To view rooms click the ROOMS at the top right.


For basic conferencing use Apps -> Conferences

Conference Center Options

  • Name: Name of the Conference Center.
  • Extension: Extension of the Conference Center. (Be sure to not use an extension already in use)
  • Greeting: Choose a greeting to play.
  • PIN Length: Add a layer of security for entering the Conference Center.
  • Enabled: Enable or disable the Conference Center.
  • Description: A way to organize what the Conference Center is for.

Conference Center Rooms

Apps > Conference Center > Click Rooms at the top right. This will take you to the Conference Center Rooms. From here you can

  • Create a Room
  • Edit a Room

Conference Center Rooms Settings