To auto provision Polycom

  • Login to the phone. (Default user is admin and default password is 456)
  • Go to the top menu an choose Utilities > Phone backup & restore. (Always good to start with factory defaults)
  • Click The plus to the left of Global Settings then click Restore.
  • Login to the phone again.
  • Click Settings > Provisioning Server.
  • Choose the Server Type as http. (If you have ssl certificate that polycom approves then choose https instead.)
  • Fill in the Server Address field. This will be domain.tld/app/provision Replace domain.tld with your actual domain name
  • Fill in Server User and Password fields.
  • Choose Enable on **Tag SN to UA
  • Click Save to Provision the Polycom. You should hear a tone meaning the phone reached out to the server and provisioned.