Dialplan Application

Dialplan Application uses FreeSWITCH show application to build the dropdown lists that are found in FusionPBX dialplans. This is a list from a default install and the list can change depending on how many FreeSWITCH modules are installed.

name description syntax ikey  
answer Answer the call   mod_dptools  
att_xfer Attended Transfer <channel_url> mod_dptools  
bgsystem Execute a system command in the background <command> mod_dptools  
bind_digit_action bind a key sequence or regex to an action <realm>,<digits|~regex>,<string>[,<value>][,<dtmf target leg>][,<event target leg>] mod_dptools  
bind_meta_app Bind a key to an application <key> [a|b|ab] [a|b|o|s|i|1] <app> mod_dptools  
block_dtmf Block DTMF   mod_dptools  
break Break   mod_dptools  
bridge Bridge Audio <channel_url> mod_dptools  
bridge_export Export a channel variable across a bridge <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
callcenter CallCenter queue_name mod_callcenter  
capture capture data into a var <varname>|<data>|<regex> mod_dptools  
check_acl Check an ip against an ACL list <ip> <acl | cidr> [<hangup_cause>] mod_dptools  
clear_digit_action clear all digit bindings <realm>|all[,target] mod_dptools  
clear_speech_cache Clear Speech Handle Cache   mod_dptools  
cng_plc Do PLC on CNG frames   mod_dptools  
conference conference   mod_conference  
conference_set_auto_outcall conference_set_auto_outcall   mod_conference  
db Insert to the db [insert|delete]/<realm>/<key>/<val> mod_db  
decode_video decode picture [max_pictures] mod_fsv  
deduplicate_dtmf Prevent duplicate inband + 2833 dtmf [only_rtp] mod_dptools  
deflect Send call deflect <deflect_data> mod_dptools  
delay_echo echo audio at a specified delay <delay ms> mod_dptools  
detect_audio detect_audio <threshold> <audio_hits> <timeout_ms> [<file>] mod_dptools  
detect_silence detect_silence <threshold> <silence_hits> <timeout_ms> [<file>] mod_dptools  
detect_speech Detect speech <mod_name> <gram_name> <gram_path> [<addr>] OR grammar <gram_name> [<path>] OR nogrammar <gram_name> OR grammaron/grammaroff <gram_name> OR grammarsalloff mod_dptools  
  OR pause OR resume OR start_input_timers OR stop OR param <name> <value>
digit_action_set_realm change binding realm <realm>[,<target>] mod_dptools  
displace_session Displace File <path> [<flags>] [+time_limit_ms] mod_dptools  
early_hangup Enable early hangup   mod_dptools  
eavesdrop eavesdrop on a uuid [all | <uuid>] mod_dptools  
echo Echo   mod_dptools  
enable_heartbeat Enable Media Heartbeat [0|<seconds>] mod_dptools  
enable_keepalive Enable Keepalive [0|<seconds>] mod_dptools  
endless_playback Playback File Endlessly <path> mod_dptools  
enum Perform an ENUM lookup [reload | <number> [<root>]] mod_enum  
eval Do Nothing   mod_dptools  
event Fire an event   mod_dptools  
execute_extension Execute an extension <extension> <dialplan> <context> mod_dptools  
export Export a channel variable across a bridge <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
fax_detect Detect faxes   mod_dptools  
fifo Park with FIFO <fifo name>[!<importance_number>] [in [<announce file>|undef] [<music file>|undef] | out [wait|nowait] [<announce file>|undef] [<music file>|undef]] mod_fifo  
fifo_track_call Count a call as a fifo call in the manual_calls queue <fifo_outbound_uuid> mod_fifo  
fire fire the message   mod_sms  
flush_dtmf flush any queued dtmf   mod_dptools  
gentones Generate Tones <tgml_script>[|<loops>] mod_dptools  
group Manage a group [insert|delete]:<group name>:<val> mod_db  
hangup Hangup the call [<cause>] mod_dptools  
hash Insert into the hashtable [insert|insert_ifempty|delete|delete_ifmatch]/<realm>/<key>/<val> mod_hash  
hold Send a hold message [<display message>] mod_dptools  
info Display Call Info   mod_sms  
info Display Call Info   mod_dptools  
intercept intercept [-bleg] <uuid> mod_dptools  
ivr Run an ivr menu   mod_dptools  
jitterbuffer Send session jitterbuffer <jitterbuffer_data> mod_dptools  
limit Limit <backend> <realm> <id> [<max>[/interval]] [number [dialplan [context]]] mod_dptools  
limit_execute Limit <backend> <realm> <id> <max>[/interval] <application> [application arguments] mod_dptools  
limit_hash Limit <realm> <id> [<max>[/interval]] [number [dialplan [context]]] mod_dptools  
limit_hash_execute Limit <realm> <id> <max>[/interval] <application> [application arguments] mod_dptools  
log Logs to the logger <log_level> <log_string> mod_dptools  
loop_playback Playback File looply [+loops] <path> mod_dptools  
media_reset Reset all bypass/proxy media flags   mod_dptools  
mkdir Create a directory <path> mod_dptools  
multiset Set many channel variables [^^<delim>]<varname>=<value> <var2>=<val2> mod_dptools  
multiunset Unset many channel variables [^^<delim>]<varname> <var2> <var3> mod_dptools  
mutex block on a call flow only allowing one at a time <keyname>[ on|off] mod_dptools  
novideo Refuse Inbound Video   mod_dptools  
park Park   mod_dptools  
park_state Park State   mod_dptools  
phrase Say a Phrase <macro_name>,<data> mod_dptools  
pickup Pickup [<key>] mod_dptools  
play_and_detect_speech Play and do speech recognition <file> detect:<engine> {param1=val1,param2=val2}<grammar> mod_dptools  
play_and_get_digits Play and get Digits <min> <max> <tries> <timeout> <terminators> <file> <invalid_file> <var_name> <regexp> [<digit_timeout>] [‘<failure_ext> [failure_dp [failure_context]]’] mod_dptools  
play_fsv play a fsv file <file> mod_fsv  
play_yuv play a yvv file <file> [width] [height] mod_fsv  
playback Playback File <path> mod_dptools  
pre_answer Pre-Answer the call   mod_dptools  
preprocess pre-process   mod_dptools  
presence Send Presence <rpid> <status> [<id>] mod_dptools  
privacy Set privacy on calls off|on|name|full|number mod_dptools  
push Set a channel variable <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
queue_dtmf Queue dtmf to be sent <dtmf_data> mod_dptools  
read Read Digits <min> <max> <file> <var_name> <timeout> <terminators> <digit_timeout> mod_dptools  
record Record File <path> [<time_limit_secs>] [<silence_thresh>] [<silence_hits>] mod_dptools  
record_fsv record an fsv file <file> mod_fsv  
record_session Record Session <path> [+<timeout>] mod_dptools  
record_session_mask Mask audio in recording <path> mod_dptools  
record_session_unmask Resume recording <path> mod_dptools  
recovery_refresh Send call recovery_refresh   mod_dptools  
redirect Send session redirect <redirect_data> mod_dptools  
remove_bugs Remove media bugs [<function>] mod_dptools  
rename Rename file <from_path> <to_path> mod_dptools  
reply reply to a message   mod_sms  
respond Send session respond <respond_data> mod_dptools  
ring_ready Indicate Ring_Ready   mod_dptools  
rxfax FAX Receive Application <filename> mod_spandsp  
say say <module_name>[:<lang>] <say_type> <say_method> [<say_gender>] <text> mod_dptools  
sched_broadcast Schedule a broadcast in the future [+]<time> <path> [aleg|bleg|both] mod_dptools  
sched_cancel cancel scheduled tasks [group] mod_dptools  
sched_hangup Schedule a hangup in the future [+]<time> [<cause>] mod_dptools  
sched_heartbeat Enable Scheduled Heartbeat [0|<seconds>] mod_dptools  
sched_transfer Schedule a transfer in the future [+]<time> <extension> <dialplan> <context> mod_dptools  
send send the message as-is   mod_sms  
send_display Send session a new display <text> mod_dptools  
send_dtmf Send dtmf to be sent <dtmf_data> mod_dptools  
send_info Send info <info> mod_dptools  
session_loglevel session_loglevel <level> mod_dptools  
set set a variable   mod_sms  
set Set a channel variable <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
set_audio_level set volume   mod_dptools  
set_global Set a global variable <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
set_media_stats Set Media Stats   mod_dptools  
set_mute set mute   mod_dptools  
set_name Name the channel <name> mod_dptools  
set_profile_var Set a caller profile variable <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
set_user Set a User <user>@<domain> [prefix] mod_dptools  
set_zombie_exec Enable Zombie Execution   mod_dptools  
sleep Pause a channel <pausemilliseconds> mod_dptools  
socket Connect to a socket <ip>[:<port>] mod_event_socket  
sofia_sla private sofia sla function <uuid> mod_sofia  
soft_hold Put a bridged channel on hold <unhold key> [<moh_a>] [<moh_b>] mod_dptools  
sound_test Analyze Audio   mod_dptools  
spandsp_detect_tdd Detect TDD data   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_inject_tdd Send TDD data   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_send_tdd Send TDD data   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_start_dtmf Detect dtmf   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_start_fax_detect start fax detect <app>[ <arg>][ <timeout>][ <tone_type>] mod_spandsp  
spandsp_start_tone_detect Start background tone detection with cadence <name> mod_spandsp  
spandsp_stop_detect_tdd stop sending tdd   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_stop_dtmf stop inband dtmf   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_stop_fax_detect stop fax detect   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_stop_inject_tdd stop sending tdd   mod_spandsp  
spandsp_stop_tone_detect Stop background tone detection with cadence   mod_spandsp  
speak Speak text <engine>|<voice>|<text> mod_dptools  
start_dtmf Detect dtmf   mod_dptools  
start_dtmf_generate Generate dtmf   mod_dptools  
stop stop execution   mod_sms  
stop Do Nothing   mod_dptools  
stop_displace_session Stop Displace File <path> mod_dptools  
stop_dtmf stop inband dtmf   mod_dptools  
stop_dtmf_generate stop inband dtmf generation [write] mod_dptools  
stop_record_session Stop Record Session <path> mod_dptools  
stop_tone_detect stop detecting tones   mod_dptools  
stop_video_write_overlay Stop video write overlay <path> mod_dptools  
stopfax Stop FAX Application   mod_spandsp  
strftime strftime [<epoch>|]<format string> mod_dptools  
system execute a system command   mod_sms  
system Execute a system command <command> mod_dptools  
t38_gateway Convert to T38 Gateway if tones are heard   mod_spandsp  
three_way three way call with a uuid <uuid> mod_dptools  
tone_detect Detect tones   mod_dptools  
transfer Transfer a channel <exten> [<dialplan> <context>] mod_dptools  
transfer_vars Transfer variables <~variable_prefix|variable> mod_dptools  
txfax FAX Transmit Application <filename> mod_spandsp  
unbind_meta_app Unbind a key from an application [<key>] mod_dptools  
unblock_dtmf Stop blocking DTMF   mod_dptools  
unhold Send a un-hold message   mod_dptools  
unloop Tell loopback to unfold   mod_loopback  
unset unset a variable   mod_sms  
unset Unset a channel variable <varname> mod_dptools  
unshift Set a channel variable <varname>=<value> mod_dptools  
valet_park valet_park <lotname> <extension>|[ask [<min>] [<max>] [<to>] [<prompt>]|auto [in|out] [min] [max]] mod_valet_parking  
verbose_events Make ALL Events verbose.   mod_dptools  
video_decode Set video decode. [[on|wait]|off] mod_dptools  
video_refresh Send video refresh. [manual|auto] mod_dptools  
video_write_overlay Video write overlay <path> [<pos>] [<alpha>] mod_dptools  
wait_for_answer Wait for call to be answered   mod_dptools  
wait_for_silence wait_for_silence <silence_thresh> <silence_hits> <listen_hits> <timeout_ms> [<file>] mod_dptools