Conferences is used to setup conference rooms with a name, description, and optional pin number.


For advanced conferencing use Apps -> Conference Center


Conference Settings

  • Name: Name for the conference.
  • Extension: The number for the extension the user will dial.(Be sure it doesn’t exist before creating it.)
  • Pin Number: If you want to add a layer of security to enter the conference.
  • Profile:
    • Default- The default audio quality rate and video.
    • wait-mod- Wait Mod setting.
    • wideband- Wideband audio quality rate and video.
    • ultra-wideband- Ultra wideband quality rate and video.
    • cdquality- CD Quality rate and video.
    • page- Page setting.
  • Flags: mute|deaf|waste|moderator (Other values are available also)
  • Order: The order of the conference.
  • Enabled: If the conference is enabled.
  • Description: A way to organize what the conference purpose is.

Enable Conferences

By default Conferences use to be hidden from the menu.

  • To add Conferences to the menu goto Advanced > Menu Manager and click the pencil edit icon on the right
  • Then click the pencil edit icon on the right of Conferences
  • Select from the Groups dropdown list superadmin and click add then save